Life and Relationship Coaching with Michele Willmott

Your relationship is important to you.

You may be single or currently in a relationship, but you want a partner for life.
To feel that you are in this life together, as a team.

Most of all you want to be yourself within the relationship.
It’s tiring having to hide or pretend.

You know relationships aren’t perfect but you would like to know where you stand.
No guessing games.


If there’s one thing I know for sure, it is possible to fully be yourself in a relationship, as well as feel loved and accepted for all of who you are!

If you are looking to create or attract your own extraordinary relationship but feel like you are struggling at the moment, I offer in depth support through Relationship Coaching and Imago Relationships Facilitation.

I don’t believe we should have to settle for second best in our relationship, compromising ourselves and feeling unfulfilled, frustrated or misunderstood.

Looking for relationship support, tips and advice to help you feel good about who you are in and outside of your relationship?

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