Life and Relationship Coaching with Michele Willmott

You are hugely determined to live life on your terms. Yes?

You want the relationship, the career & the lifestyle that set you alight.
The trappings are great, but for you it is more about
feeling excited, abundant & alive.

Most importantly, you believe deep down that life is not meant to be a struggle.
We are supposed to feel alive & joyful, much more often than not.

You cherish those moments where you can feel life running through your veins.
Where nothing can stop you!

What you know about yourself……

You are a deep feeler
You know when you feel off and you know this is part of life,
but sometimes you find yourself feeling stressed, low, anxious, depressed even.
And you can get stuck trying to find a new perspective that will get you back to feeling yourself again.

You can sometimes get knocked off alignment by others
These people may have your best interests at heart, but they leave you feeling exhausted & needing time out.
You don’t want to compromise on your own needs, but you often find yourself worrying about what others think or need.
This can often leave you indecisive about what you really want and too persuaded by the opinions of other people.
You can lose yourself.

Sometimes you lack willpower and motivation
to carry out the things that you know will make you feel good, whether this be the diet, exercise or instilling regular, daily habits that will help you find the alignment you are looking for.

You can feel different from the rest of the crowd at times
This can create self doubt and unease
But you don’t want to be a sheep, you want to follow your dreams with boldness and courage.
Not stuck in a job that doesn’t inspire you
A relationship that diminishes your power.
Or a lifestyle that doesn’t excite you & allow you to feel that freedom you yearn for.

You most definitely want to be true to yourself & your innermost desires, but sometimes you question & doubt what it is you really want & whether it is really possible.

You get excited or curious about the laws of attraction, but maybe you don’t embrace them fully because you are busy being a perfectionist or high achiever.
You would love to learn more about how to make these laws work for you, so that you can let go and enjoy the process of creation without pushing so hard.

I want you to imagine yourself and your life in the following way:

  • You know yourself so well that you are not swayed by others. You have rock solid self belief and trust in what you want and what is important to you.
  • You are thriving not just surviving! Determined to live life in a way that feels magical. Taking inspired action, not just doing the things you feel you ‘should’ do!
  • You have let go of the idea that you have to do all this by yourself. You are able to take a step back, lean into the universe and manifest more of what you want with much more ease & fun.
  • You have an extraordinary relationship with all parts of yourself. All the parts that you have previously struggled with and that have held you back. Now, you are able to treat them with compassion but also firmness, because you have got this!
  • You are able to give more to others without compromising yourself because you are far more open to receiving your desires.
  • You have a success mindset, one that doesn’t need to complain or gossip,  just one that is always reaching for alignment and a higher vibration.
  • You have created an extraordinary relationship with your partner, where you feel part of a team & feel accepted & loved for exactly the person you are.
  • You love your work it feels meaningful, inspiring and challenges you to grow and to learn.

Ready to do some work?

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