Living An Inspired Life

Are you passionate about living a life that you love? Does this include desires such as…..

  • Feeling confident and happy with yourself wherever you are?
  • Having a career which inspires you?
  • Feeling great physically, mentally and emotionally?
  • Having an extraordinary relationship, full of love and connection?

If this is you!  There is nothing more important than helping yourself to feel good!

Your feelings are THE way of telling you what sort of life you are creating.  So, in order to create a life which feels alive and inspiring, prioritising the way you feel is number one on your to-do list!

If you are a woman who loves Yoga and Meditation, you will have experience of how great both can make you feel.  For many women, yoga opens the door to a life of inspiration, self discovery and joy.

Choosing to live an inspired life however, is not always an easy path to take and it is difficult to do it all on your own. It is much easier and fun to have a support system in place to help you achieve the life you truly want.  At Inspired For Life we believe in the power of yoga, meditation and life coaching, each a support system in its own right, which is why we offer all three.

Luxury Yoga, Hiking and Personal Development Holidays and Weekends

Our retreat holidays and weekends are aimed at helping you get in touch with what ‘Living An Inspired Life’ means to you.

We know that it is all so easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel type of life where you feel like you are always chasing your tail.  Much of Western society is obsessed with a culture of “doing” and many people are finding it increasingly difficult to connect with the part of themselves which is naturally balanced, alive and full of joy.

Our retreats aim to help you reconnect with these parts of yourself and at the same time have a relaxing, fun break in a beautiful, healthy environment.

Relationship Coaching for Women

We love to coach women who want to live an extraordinary, inspired life!
A life where you make a stand for what you believe in.
A life, which is abundant, successful and alive, in ways which are meaningful to you.

And a life, which involves an amazing relationship with yourself as well as romantic partner.

If this is you we would love to meet you!

Michele x
Founder of Inspired for Life

Upcoming Retreats


30apr - 4may

'Find Your Balance' Yoga and Personal Development Retreat break for Women


13jun - 20

Yoga and Hiking Retreat Holiday

27jun - 4jul

Yoga, Hiking and Cycling Retreat Holiday


19jul - 26

'Feel Inspired' Yoga and Personal Growth Retreat Holiday for Women


16aug - 23

'Feel Inspired' Yoga, Personal Growth and Hiking Retreat Holiday for Women


5sep - 12

Yoga and Hiking Retreat Holiday

24sep - 28

'Find Your Balance' Yoga and Personal Development Retreat break for Women


12nov - 16

'Find Your Balance' Yoga and Personal Development Retreat Break for Women

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