Life and Relationship Coaching with Michele Willmott

There’s nothing better than feeling good about yourself and your relationship.

We all know that it’s not real life to feeling amazing 100% of the time.

BUT, Life is definitely too short to struggle!

Too short to be in a relationship that makes you feel miserable and too short to keep repeating the same old patterns in your romantic life.

Our natural state is one of joyful aliveness.

Do you feel like this more often than not?

How about being in a relationship where:

You feel like you are a team?
You are able to fully be yourself?
There’s no hiding or pretending?
There’s no guessing games?

If there’s two things I know for sure:

  • It is possible to fully be yourself in your relationship, as well as feel loved and accepted for all of who you are!
  • You can feel good about yourself (much more often than not) so that life starts to work for you rather than against you – and this is where the magic starts to happen!

If you are looking to feel good about yourself and/or create or attract your own extraordinary relationship but feel like you are struggling at the moment, I offer in depth support to women through Life and Relationship Coaching and Imago Relationships Facilitation.

I don’t believe you should have to settle in life or in your relationship.
You deserve a life where you feel happy, alive, loved and accepted.

Looking for relationship support, tips and advice to help you feel good about who you are in and outside of your relationship?

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Ready to do some work?

But not sure about how it all works? I offer introductory consultations so that you can get a feel for the coaching process and more importantly whether I would be a good partner for you. I ask all my potential clients who are serious about looking at themselves to complete this form before we talk.

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